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Pastor's Corner

Harbor Happenings

What's been happening at Harbor?

Read here about recent events, community updates and more.

Community Moments

Advent Angel

Elder Emeritus Rhoda Watson on Christmas morning, dressed like the angel she is!

On Christmas morning we all gathered for Sunday service, and since it was Christmas morning, we decided to wear our pajamas and eat donuts!

Imagine our delighted surprise, when we saw this beautiful angel float in on a cloud!

We love you Rhoda!

And your spirit gives us life.


Campus Updates


Dreaming of the Contemplative Corner

We decided to honor Thomas and Elaine Quick during our Advent Festival last year. In honor of these two generous saints of the church, we will be slowly transforming the space behind our stage into The Quick Contemplative Corner. Here is a photo to start us dreaming! Thank you Maks, for your work on these beautiful drawings. If you would like to be part of this transformation, let us know.
Click through the two renderings using the side arrow below.


Ministry Updates


Children and Youth

2023 Loch Leven Winter Camp

Harbor youth, staff and community members attended Loch Leven's Winter Camp for a three-day retreat into nature, spirituality and community.

Campers explored their faith through the weekend's theme, Faith Forward through worship, small group time, nature walks, music, and games. The weekend was filled with thoughtful reflection, planned activities, and general fun. Despite the rainy weather, it was an impactful weekend for all.

Big thanks to our community volunteers who gave their time, talents and thoughts to this weekend!

Harbor Attendees Included:


Pastor Sadie and Pastor Ryan were chosen as directors for the middle school camp.

Volunteer Camp Counselors

Music Minister Lauren, Pastor Janette Navarette, and community members Stanley Ackelson, Nicholas Brown and Sofia Chavez.

Campers - High School (CYF) and Middle School (Chi Rho) Camps

Indigo and Willow Cullumber, Dylan and Will Lauzon, Nick and Gabriella Earnhart and Shelby Kliewer.

Please enjoy some reflections from our campers by clicking the ( >) arrows next to each name along with photos from the weekend below.

Indigo Cullumber's Thoughts

Shelby Kliewer's Thoughts

Gabriella Earnhart's Thoughts

Nicholas Earnhart's Thoughts